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Can Revolver Ad Project do geotargeting?

Can Revolver Ad Project do geotargeting?
The short version of the answer is: Yes. For the more complete answer, first I’ll describe what geotargeting is and then I’ll explain how to enable and use geotargeting.

What is geotargeting? Geotargeting is a technique that uses the IP address of the computer used by a visitor of your site to look up the geographic location of that visitor. This location can then be used to target ads. This means you can instruct your Revolver Ad Project to display an ad only to US visitors, for example, or to everyone except visitors from the US and Canada. So the word geotargeting is a combination of geographic and targeting.

How do I enable geotargeting in Revolver Ad Project? The Revolver Ad Project software is capable of geotargeting out of the box, but the feature is disabled by default since many people don’t need it. Some might not even be aware that it exists.

To enable the geotargeting feature in a self-hosted installation of Revolver Ad Project, here is what you need to do:

Enabling geotargeting in Revolver Ad Project (click to enlarge)

Log in as an administrator user and switch to “Working as Administrator” if needed. Click the “Configuration” tab at the top of the screen. Click the “Geotargeting Settings” link in the menu on the left. On the screen that’s displayed, switch the setting from “None” to “OpenX MaxMind (Flat file)” Click the “Save Changes” button. Following the steps above will enable the feature in Revolver Ad Project to do geo-targeting by country. It’s also possible to target smaller, more specific areas, but to do that the geotargeting feature will have to be configured with more detailed settings.

How does geotargeting work? When someone visits a web page and sends an ad request to Revolver Ad Project, that request will always contain the IP address of the visitor. In a massive lookup table that’s created by companies like MaxMind, that IP address is then used to pinpoint the appropriate entry where the location information like country name, city name or DMA code can be found.

In the Revolver Ad Project, a banner can be geotargeted, which means that the banner will only be displayed when the visitor is in a specific country or city, for instance.

How do I use geotargeting in Revolver Ad Project? When you have a banner that you want to be displayed to visitors of a specific country, here are the steps to follow:

Geotargeting by country (click to enlarge)

Go to the banner you want to geotarget. Click the “Delivery Options” tab of the banner. Just below the preview of the banner, from the list called “Add delivery limitation:” select the entry called “Geo – Country” and click the “Add” button.

Geotargeting by country (click to enlarge)

Revolver Ad Project will now display the element where you can select in which country or countries the banner should be displayed. Scroll through the list of countries and select the countries you want from the list by enabling the checkbox in front of the country names. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button when you’re ready.

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