How to Display Interstitial Ads in your URL Shortener

1 Display Interstitial Ads

Quick tips #

  • Paste your Revolver Ad Project invocation code
  • Your interstitial Ad will display for approximately 5 seconds before redirecting to your shortened URL unless dismissed by the user.
  • Your interstitial Ad settings will apply to all your shortened URLs.
  • Recommended Image Size:
    Full Screen interstitial size 320 x 480 px.

Define an actual ad #

In the plugin admin screen (notice the new submenu “Interstitial Ad”) enter your ad code. It can be any HTML/JS you would otherwise insert into a regular page (Revolver  Ad Project javascript, Adsense javascript, plain old referral link, etc…)

3 Display Interstitial Ads

Make sure there’s a “_new” target for the ad so that if a user clicks on it, it opens a new page and doesn’t override the redirection the user expected in the first place.

That’s it! Have fun with the Interstitial Plugin and don’t spam anyone!