How do I track paid search ads?

If you are buying specific keywords on Search Engines (SEM), you typically want to measure each individual ad. When visitors click on your paid adverts in the search results, the click URL to your site should contain the actual keyword you bid on.

Typically it’s possible to use some variables in the URL so you don’t have to manually change all the destination URLs for the same advert. For example, imagine you are running a campaign to advertise the best summer deals, you would use the following URLs:

Google Ads: the URL may look like: landing.html?pk_campaign={campaignid}&pk_kwd={keyword}&pk_source=google&pk_medium=cpc&pk_content={creative}

It is highly recommended that you tag all your paid search marketing adverts carefully, to ensure that your analytics campaign reports show how the marketing money you spent is contributing to your website’s success.

Easily generate your URLs with campaign tracking using the Campaign URL Builder.