9 Great Ways to Build Brand Loyalty using NFC

NFC leverage

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2 build brand loyalty

Consider this:
A local retailer is organizing the most popular items of the season in one section of their store with a shelf talker using NFC to drive instant engagement and purchase via the retailer’s mobile experience app.
Additional offers may include in-store discounts or free shipping as an incentive to encourage greater interaction. So as kids tug at their parents’ sleeves to communicate what they want most, with the retailer using NFC enabled displays, it may already be en-route to their homes.

Build brand loyalty and establish a long-term relationship with your retail customers

Build brand loyalty and establish a long-term relationship with your retail customers

  1. Mobile discounts & rebates—Place an NFC object on a shelf, a product, or in signage to allow consumers to instantly scan to activate a mobile rebate while in-store, to not only buy a product but enter their rebate instantly whether the product is purchased in your brick-and-mortar store or via online. The mobile rebate encourages consumers to buy the product immediately and complete the sale while in-store.
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  2. Stop showrooming—To help combat showrooming, when a customer scans the NFC chip for a particular product, share a page that provides more detailed information on your product, user reviews, warranty information, accessory options, pricing, etc. to enable the consumer to get comfortable and educated about their purchase while in your brick-and-mortar location.
    NFC can help prevent showrooming by offering incentives and information to the consumer, all content the marketer can control, and available in-store when the consumer is ready to interact or, better yet, purchase.
  3. Coupons—Offer the consumer a coupon for immediate purchase of the product, either on their device or in-store. This is the obvious, yet effective, mobile offer.
  4. Faster purchasing—The retail campaign outlined above is a great example of how to ease the path to profit—with the simple tap of an NFC-enabled object, leading to your landing page for instant purchase. This is a great method to encourage purchases from otherwise distracted shoppers.
  5. Tap to see reviews and ratings
    Shoppers can access expert reviews of the products they are considering; what people are saying on social media; video to learn more about the product.
  6. Create tags that allow shoppers to see if products are available in-store
    Allow people to check on the size, color, etc. If a product is not available in-store, shoppers can see inventory in nearby stores or order an item shipped to them directly.
  7. Add tags that connect shoppers to related items
    With one tap, customers can view other items that can help them complete an outfit, coordinate a room, etc.
  8. Tap to sign up for loyalty program
    Customers go directly to enrollment and get special offers if their sign-up is completed in-store.
  9. Refer a friend
    Customers can tap to rate their experiences and refer friends for an immediate reward.
NFC leverage

Retail businesses that incorporate smart contactless solutions like NFC into their campaigns will help consumers interact with their brand more and engage longer.

Innovation is key to your contactless retail success and NFC integration should be used to boost adoption and encourage interaction. Businesses who give their customers the opportunity to authentically engage will bring consumers savings, increase engagement, drive loyalty, and ultimately, increase sales. Good luck!

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