CAVE is a Premium Analytics Platform


CAVE is a great analytics tool used to measure URLs, websites, apps, and more.

The main types of analytics are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive. Each type develops into the next as a company’s use of analytics matures.

Companies need to analyze and interpret data, not just collect it and let it sit.

Tracking User Acquisition
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URL Builder

Gain insights from across all your customer touchpoints!

CAVEContext, Audience, Value, and Expectation is an all-in-one premium web analytics platform designed to give you the most conclusive insights with the most complete range of features to evaluate the entire user-journey of everyone who visits your website.

Discover more about your customers today!

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Powerful Analytics


Know who visits your site, what they do there, how long they stay & what they buy! 

Gain better insights from websites, apps, objects, and media or wherever you can embed a tag! 
Understand which of your marketing efforts are providing the most value.

CAVE includes all standard statistics reports (40+ reports) classified into four main analytics categories:

  • Visitors
  • Actions
  • Referrers
  • Goals/Ecommerce

Easily access your data via Dashboard, App, or API.

Discover more about your customers

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Better Insights


Evaluate the full user-experience of your visitor’s behavior with CAVE’s optimization features and enhance your SEO, access full Visitor Profiles, use your data-sensitive Tag Manager and so much more!


Goal Management

CAVE Analytics - Tracking User Acquisition

Integrate data like campaign names, ad impressions, costs, etc. from ad platforms & individual campaigns & combine that data with individual visits to create a whole bunch of new opportunities!

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Increased Acquisition

Revolver Ad Project

You can easily track various ways of acquiring traffic

With a simple tag you can easily track:

Facebook Ads, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google Ads, Microsoft adCenter, Amazon, Paid search marketing campaigns, Cost Per Click (CPC) Campaigns, Display Ads, Banners, Interstitials, Links in Newsletters, Email Affiliates links (sometimes called Subids), Tweets, Posts, Texts, IMs, NFC interactions, QR Codes, Physical Products, POS, Brick & Mortar Promotions, and Real World PIE (Promotions, Interactions, and Experiences)

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Visitor Profiles

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See the life-time journey of any user
A truly unique component of CAVE Analytics is Visitor Profiles.  With Visitor Profiles, you can evaluate every action an individual user has taken on your website which is compiled into a full historical profile.


This lets you see what the life-time journey of an active user looks like, or perhaps you want to see what a profile looks like for a user who comes back time-and-time again without ever purchasing; there is no better way to gain insights to these journeys and this is why the Visitor Profiles feature is so widely used by CAVE Analytics users.

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Optimized for the way you already work, CAVE Analytics easily integrates with most CMS, web frameworks & e-commerce shops!

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The Right Data

Engage More, Increase Conversions, and Build Brand Loyalty

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